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Macaroni or twist is not like other food such as rice and beans that you can cook with any ingredients and it will still be tasty and delicious. When it comes to cooking any of the two mention above, it has to be garnished with lots of ingredients for it to have that delicious taste. For that reason I wrote this article. I hope you will find it useful.
Green beans
Green pepper
Fresh pepper
Fresh tomatoes
Tomato paste (optional)
Vegetable leaves (optional)
Vegetable oil
Salt and magi
Curry (optional)
Chicken stock/water (optional)
1.       Ensure to slice your tomatoes and others. Boil your leave if you are using any.
2.    Boil the chicken stock (or water if you are not using chicken stock) in a sizable pot and add one pack of macaroni or twist (you can mix them if you want) in the boiling stock or water, add 3 cubes of magi, and salt to taste in the boiling twist or macaroni. Cover your pot partially to avoid water from pouring out of the pot.
3.   When the twist or macaroni is cooked, drain the water from it. Put your fry pan on the fire and allow to heat then add your vegetable oil enough to fry your tomatoes and the rest. When the oil is hot add your onion, tomatoes, carrots, green beans, green pepper and red pepper which you have sliced into the hot oil. (If you are using tomato paste, add it also) then add your curry, a little of magi and salt to it, then stir properly until it is cooked and soft to eat.
4.    If you are using vegetable leaves and egg, add the leaves to the fried tomatoes and stir for some seconds before adding your egg. Do not stir immediately you pour your egg, wait for some time until you notice the egg is getting fried, then stir a little. Skip this step if you are using neither egg nor leave.
5.    If you notice the macaroni or twist do not taste well, add a little magi and salt. Pour your macaroni or twist into the fry pan and stir to mix with the other ingredients. You can decide to add a little water if you want. Leave it for a minute thereafter take it from the fire. Your macaroni or twist is ready to be eaten!
If you find this article helpful please let me know in the comment box or if you have any suggestions let me know also.
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Tuesday, 20 November 2018



Obedience is the compliance with an order, request or law or the submission to another authority. The bible has urged us to be obedient to our parents and to submit to civil authority and government. (Ephesians 6:1-3. Romans 13:1-7) 

As children of our parents we are mandated to obey them in all except sin. Our parents have the best advice for us and their words are profitable to us. The bible, according to Ephesians 6:3 makes us understand that obeying our parents comes with great prices which are prosperity and long life. This explains why most people become poor and live for a short time, I will say that those who die early or are unsuccessful or poor are those who do not listen to and obey their parents. In a real sense, I will say, not everyone who die early or poor were disobedient to their parents, however majority could be because of disobedient, if you ask ten individuals why they are not successful or why they have not made it in life, you will see that majority will tell you that they didn't follow the instructions of their parents. That same portion of the bible could be written the opposite that is “If you do not obey your parents, it will not be well with you and your days will be few.”

Are we bound to respect others also outside our parents? Yes, we to respect others outside our parents, we are to obey our elders and lawful superior. Obedience to our elders and lawful superiors will attract favors to us because we are likely to be considered when an opportunity comes. Elders need to be respected no matter what! So unfortunate today, we no longer respect our elders, we address them as if they were our mates and slaves, and we talk back at them and counter their words without respect. We forsake their advice and if they try correcting us we will say they are not our parents and should not get involved in our lives. The consequences of this action are so bad that it can lead to frustration. Imagine the man you told yesterday “You are not father, don’t talk to me” is the same man that is capable of saving you today or giving you a job or helping you out of a situation, what do you think the man will do? I leave that to you. These elders have gone through life and are capable of giving us directions to a successful life; therefore, we should take the advice of these elders and be obedient to them because they have a lot to offer us. The lawful authority such as the government has lay down certain rules for us to follow which is for our good. We are bound to obey these authorities because it is of God (Romans 13:1-7), disobeying and disrespecting this authority means disobeying and disrespecting God whom we are loyal to. The consequence of disobeying this authority is our civil and human rights, they will be taken from us and sometimes it may cause us our lives. If we obey this authority, we will live in the society without fear and harassment and we shall receive favor from the governments. Even our boss and those we are under their care, we are bound to obey them, their words are for our good and the commands they give do not harm us.

What about our junior, shall we obey them also? In the sight of God we are all equal, so respecting our juniors is not so much a big deal. The powers in these juniors are so great that they can bring us down, do not say because you are senior to them you should maltreat them. Obeying the words of the juniors’ means being obeyed in return, this will bring respect to you also and your juniors will love you and respect your leadership. This doesn't mean we should become cowards to them, but obeying and respecting their rights and words is important because respect is reciprocal. Do not expect a child whom you insult and disrespect to respect you, it is never possible, though the child may not be able to talk back at you to your face, but at your back he is telling other fellows to avoid you and run far from you. Your junior can never obey and respect you if you do not obey and respect them. And you if you do not respect your senior, your juniors will not respect you.

What about our religious leaders, are we to obey them also? Yes we are to obey them for they are the mouthpiece of God, obeying them means obeying God, for Christ made us to understand that anyone who refuses to listen to his apostles has refused to listen to him, and anyone who refuses to listen to him has refused to listen to the father. These religious leaders are our guidance who directs us on the way to reach God and please him. They feed our souls and minds with good things and teach us the words of God. They are the teachers whom God has appointed to teach us the way to eternal life. We all know what happen if we fail to obey our teachers in school and listen to them when they teach-the end result is failure. So are the words of these religious leaders, if we fail to obey them and listen to them, we may end up missing eternal life and other heavenly benefits which includes: divine immunity, good health, long life and prosperity and so on- missing all these means failure to us.

We are bound to obey the authorities mentioned above, what if they tell us the wrong thing, and shall we obey them also? If you are convinced that what they instruct you to do is the wrong thing, tell them that what they are instructing you to do is wrong. They may have instructed you so unknowingly because they are human and are imperfect, but if after talking to them and they tell you to carry out the instruction, report to their superior. What if their superior tells you to go ahead with and carry out the instruction, what shall you do? The bible says evil communication corrupts good manner, run far from him or her and do not carry out the instruction, (for it is better to obey God than man) obedience does not mean going against the will of God, it means complying with all instructions that are right. God has placed in our hearts the laws that we may be able to discern between good and evil. If you find out that does who are suppose to direct you in the right ways are now giving you wrong directives, do not obey them and do not castigate them, rather pray for them to have the right spirit because the Devil also make laws and give directives, this is why Christ always urge us to watch and pray so that we may not fall into temptation (so that we may not obey the wrong instructions and laws and authorities.)

What if I don’t want to obey the wrong instructions, but I am been threatened, what shall I do? Have you ever been in a situation where you are been asked to forge figures so that funds can be embezzled? Or have you been told to do certain evil that if you don’t you will be sacked, expelled from school, get beaten or lose a benefit? These are challenging moments for you and if you lose any of these things life will not be fair with you, hardship, insult, hatred will take their turns on you. At this juncture you may be tempted to obey the wrong instructions to keep your position. What are you suppose to do? Like the Apostles, say unto them “I rather obey God than man” and stand on your words. You may loss everything but the end results are always pleasant. Always remember that God does not forsake his and that sorrows may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

How do I know if I am obeying God? God has placed his laws in our hearts that whenever we do wrong our conscience troubles and we will have no peace of mind. The best way to know if you are obeying God is to get acquainted with the bible and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you to obey God and interpret the bible for you. Your spiritual leader can be of great help in understanding the bible better because they are teachers. Every other authority is subject to the commandments of God, God has the perfect instructions for us, which is why we must strive to create strong relationship with him for him to guild us through the help of the Holy Spirit on what instructions we should obey and disobey. Obedience comes with great reward, obeying our parents comes with the blessings of long life and prosperity, obeying our elders and lawful superiors comes with enjoying freedom and favors and that of our religious leaders enables us to enjoy divine benefits. Obedience is capable of taking us to heaven, for to obey is better than sacrifice. However we should obey only the right instructions and the right instructions are always in line with God’s words.

I pray that the good Lord will grant us the grace to be obedient to the right instructions. Amen.

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Thursday, 1 November 2018


Peace I live you, my peace I give you, not as the world give peace do I give you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid – John 14:27
Peace is the absent of war, crises and fear. It is a total calmness and fearlessness. It is one thing we ought to fight for.
The world cannot give us peace, though they guarantee us peace but they cannot give us peace. True peace comes from God; God gives peace.
When I say the world I mean those set of people who love the riches, pleasures and things in this world more than God. This set of people would do anything to become wealthy and powerful. They are brutal and are not of God, greed has taken over them. For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, for it is for this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierce themselves with many pangs – 1 Timothy 6:10. They have sold themselves to the Devil. It seems like they have peace but they do not.
From the above John 14:27, we see that Jesus’ peace is different from that which is given by the world. How does the world give peace? It gives peace temporally, it does not last. It always comes with a price greater than the peace it gives. It is better to be in crises without a solution than to seek peace from the world. The peace of the world is not permanent; it is only but for a short time. It gives one and takes two.
The peace Christ gives is so different from that of the world. His peace is an absolute one. He gives peace of body, mind and soul. It is so absolute that even when there is trouble around you, you will not be scared, and you will still have that inner peace. This is the peace Christ gives and not as the word gives does he give. He gives you more than you pay. You will lie down in peace and sleep for it is God who gives you safety – Psalm 4:8. The only way to enjoy this kind of peace is to be in good terms with God, for he who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty – Psalm 91:1. This is an assurance for those who live in Christ.
While we enjoy this peace of Christ we are encouraged to share this peace with others and not to go about putting ourselves in trouble because we have God’s peace. For the moment we leave God, we leave peace.
I pray the good Lord to grant us peace, inner peace of mind, body and soul. Amen.

Sunday, 30 September 2018


World of Hellofeen

Scene seven
At Tochukwu’s house
Tochukwu, Ebuka and Abuchi sits on the floor in Tochukwu’s room smoking and drinking.

 EBUKA: agu ghe gbu madu ta.
ABUCHI: No be small thing, even garri person no see drink.
EBUKA: my belle don dey play war band.
ABUCHI: Tochukwu say something na, your boys dey die.
TOCHUKWU: Awo gin ne ye gi nsogbu, ogba sa li mu? neNma mu ne le ahia nli okwiya? (translation: your stomach is giving you problem does it concern me? My mother does sell food, isn’t it?)
EBUKA: Find us something na.
ABUCHI: Abi we no be your guy again?
TOCHUKWU: I no be una mama but make una wait make I go find something come.
BOTH: Na dis one make us like you.
TOCHUKWU: See una mouth like food.
Scene eight
Tochukwu enters with Unoma yelling at him for eating all the food in the house with his friends.
UNOMA: Tochukwu na bad thing I no do make I take born you? The food make I spend plenty money take cook na d food you carry give those your mumu make no get future. You wan kill me as I dey see am so.
TOCHUKWU: Mommy na curse you dey curse me so o, if no be say you be mama you for don collect since, food wey no still sweet na him you dey put.
 UNOMA: Tochukwu!
TOCHUKWU: Make una no come make person run from dis house one day o.
Okeke enters
OKEKE: Wetin dey cause noise for dis house, Tochuwku person no go get peace again because he born pikin abi.
UNOMA: No mind am he bring he friends come make dem come eat our food, all the food make I suffer prepare don finish.
OKEKE: Tochukwu no tell me say u bring your friends come this house come chop our food, you dey use sense?
TOCHUKWU: Papa cool dowm, wetin self! Person friend no fit chop for him friend house again, abeg o.
OKEKE: (slaps Tochukwu) you dey craze!, I say you dey mad! Wetin you even learn from the school wey I send you go! Make today be d last time make I hear say dis kind thing happen, if not I go kill you.
TOCHUKWU: You don slap e never finish? Apart from slap e get wetin you go fit do again? If no be say u be my pa ehn… but make I just warn you, no ever try am say u wan slap me or else I go throw u go up. Nonsense! (exit)
OKEKE: (in shock) Chineke! (exchanges surprising glances with Unoma)

Scene nine
Ozomena and Uzo enter
OZOMENA: This Tochukwu case just dey worse everyday.
UZO: I wonder wetin him mama and papa dey do concerning am, him case don dey pas becareful.
OZOMENA: Dem don talk dem don tire, wetin dem go do again?
UZO: U no here wetin dem do for mama Chiamanda store the other day. Dem go her store go beat one man come thief join am and our youth no fit fit do anything.
OZOMENA: Wetin u say make dem do before, see Ogbogwu make challenge amdat day for mama  Nkechi store, dem go beat am for him house. Those boy no just bad, dem be thief!
Tochukwu, Abuchi and Ebuka enter each with a bottle of dry gin.
TOCHUKWU: Ozomena na u be thief, nna nna gi bu onioshi, ongi ne zu ori too much (translation: it is your grandfather that is a thief, you are the one who steals too much)
OZOMENA: Chineke! Tochukwu so u no sabi dey respect your senior.
UZO: Wetin our world dey turn into? No fear for dis world again.
TOCHUKWU:  Ok una don talk pas una mouth, oya as I dey see una so make una dey kneel down.
OZOMENA: Isi gini? (translation: you said what?)
TOCHUKWU: I say make una sit kneel down,e be like say una don dey try me. Men wey dey gossip.
UZO: Abomination!
TOCHUKWU: Abo gini? Isi gi odinma na ne? (translation: abo what? Your head correct for there so?) oya make una ynash down (brings out knife) infact make una lie down for ground.
Uzo and Ozomena rush to the ground
TOCHUKWU: (collects their wallets from them)
Tochukwu and the others exit with Uzo and Ozomena still on the ground.
 curtain falls.

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Thursday, 27 September 2018


Scene four

Tochukwu, Ebuka and Abuchi on tree branches. Amara enters from the left while Chidi enters from the left. Ebuka taps Tochukwu when Chidi stops Amara.
CHIDI: Hello excuse me
AMARA: How may I help you?
CHIDI: Do you live in this neighborhood? Your face look
AMARA: Am new here, do you have any problem with that?
CHIDI: No I was just curios. It seems you are rushing somewhere.
 AMARA: Yeah I am on my way to work and I hope you don’t mind excusing me.
 CHIDI: Let me not waste too much of your time, call me Chidi (brings hand for a shake)
AMARA: Call me Amara. (shakes Chidi)
CHIDI: Hope to see you some other time.
Chidi and Amara exit
EBUKA: Una see wetin I see just na, make e nor com b say that idiot dey try run that package.
ABUCHI: Him no go try am na, he know wetin go sup if he try am. Dem no born am well make him try am.      
TOCHUKWU: Make una forget that guy I don blacklist him name.
ABUCHI: U mean am?

Scene five
At mama Nkechi’s restaurant
Chidi sits with Amara across a table chatting with her. Tochukwu enters sagging with his belt unbuckled. He goes to Chidi’s table. Chidi hisses when he sees him coming his way.
TOCHUKWU: Guy you don dey try me for dis area and I just dey look you since and you no wan respect yourself abi, you want make I enter you?
CHIDI: Guy abeg e don do for you o, which one u wan com dey intimidate me any where I go, guy na wetin self! Abeg chance me!
TOCHUKWU: Na me u dey talk to like dat, u don dey grow feather abi, if I slap d feather comot from your body.
CHIDI: Guy pack well o, everyday nob Christmas, I no know wetin you feel!
TOCHUKWU: No provoke me o. Na babe make I dey plan to run na she u com coner, body don dey catch you. Make I no see you near dis babe again, oya run commot here before I run enter you!
AMARA: (stands) Guy na wetin be your self! Na by force, you no go respect yourself na later dem go say girls no dey respect boys.
TOCHUKWU: I no talk to u, so u better keep quiet.
AMARA: Come o, who you be self, I hear say say u just dey terrorize everybody for this community, no bring that your terrorism reach my side o because I go change am for you!
TOCHUKWU: No provoke me o, my hand no just far from your face, so just chilax make you no come dey form formality for here.
AMARA: Na you com o, all I know be say no just try am com near me! U be vomit.
Tochukwu raises his hand against Amara but Chidi stands up to hold his hand. Tochukwu pushes him against his chair and he falls backward. Amara helps him to his feet. A customer stands and walks to Tochukwu.
OGBOGWU: Guy na wetin dey worry u self?
AMARA: Abeg ask am
OGBOGWU: I just dey watch you since, u dey rant dey form bad boy abi.
TOCHUKWU: Bros abeg dem no call you for this matter, go dey drink your beer make our two no get quarrel.
OGBOGWU: (slaps Tochukwu heavily) U dey mad! Wetin dey worry you self!
TOCHUKWU: Na me u slap abi! uno fear u slap me! me!
No problem (picks a bottle from the floor and makes attempt to hit the customer on the head, the customer dodges it and at once other customer rush and beat him before mama Nkechi comes to intervene)
Scene six
Ogbogwu sits with his phone listening to music
Tochukwu and the Ebuka enter with bottle and sticks. Ogbogwu sees them coming and attempts to run but Abuchi enters quickly from the other side and holds him. Tochukwu and Ebuka advance to him.

TOCHUKWU: Guy afa na, you don chop? How body na?
EBUKA: So na you be the guy wey intimate our oga abi (slaps Ogbogwu at the back of its neck) u no dey fear, see as you be.
ABUCHI: U don enter one chance! Oya ynash down before you begin collect (threatens to slap Ogbogwu, Ogbogwu blocks it and acts reluctant) see this guy o, na who you wan dey pump for.
OGBOGWU: See this children, una no fear, una come my house come dey mend me. Una go commot here before I use slap arrange una.
ABUCHI: U still thy get mouth abi, (collects Ebuka’s bottle and breaks it) oya go down!
OGBOGWU: If na play make una stop am.
TOCHUKWU: Abuchi pass me dat bottle, dis idiot dey waste my time. (Abuchi hand the bottle to Tochukwu)
OGBOGWU: Wetin u wan do, guy no… (Tochukwu pierces the bottle to Ogbogwu’s lap, he screams)
TOCHUKWU: Oya go down! (Ogbogwu kneels down) no you for nor kneel down na, oya raise your hand.
OGBOGWU: Guy na my fuck up you dey treat so (Tochukwu slaps him)
ABUCHI: next time you mind the kind of people make you dey intimidate.
EBUKA: Abeg make we lash dis guy small.

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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

World of Hellofeen: TOCHUKWU 1

World of Hellofeen: TOCHUKWU 1: ACT ONE Scene one Tochukwu is smoking, he holds a pack of cigarette with a bottle of beer on the floor. He sits on a bench wit...


Scene one

Tochukwu is smoking, he holds a pack of cigarette with a bottle of beer on the floor. He sits on a bench with his singlet on his shoulder. Mrs. Okeke enters holding an empty pot of rice.

Mrs. Okeke: Tochukwu! (Tochukwu remains silent) Tochukwu have you suddenly gone deft?
Tochukwu: (stands and picks his bottle of beer)  Can someone not have peace in this house? Tochukwu Tochukwu am I the only celebrity in this area? (exit)
Mrs. Okeke: Eh! I am not the only woman with a son, why won’t mine allow me to have peace? (exit)
Scene two
Mama Nkechi’s restaurant

Tochukwu together with Ebuka and Abuchi enters sagging. They sit at a table.

Abuchi: Mama Nkechi!
Ebuka: Why is this woman always inside the shop? She causes someone to shout.
Tochukwu: We are not paying her for the drinks. Must we always call her before she attends to us?
Mama Nkechi: (enters) my customers do not be angry with me, I was preparing the pepper soup for this evening.
Tochukwu: not as if you will give us out of the pepper soup. 
Mama Nkechi: What should I offer my customers?
Ebuka: This is one of the reasons we will not pay You, you have known us for so long.
Abuchi: Just serve us our regular.                
 (Mama Nkechi exits and returns with Amara who is holding three bottles of beer, she serves them and leaves)
Tochukwu: Mama Nkechi who is that girl?
Mama Nkechi: That was Amara my new sales girl.
Tochukwu: The girl is really beautiful!
Mama Nkechi: You boys will not allow little girls to rest.
Tochukwu: Who says she is little, mama Nkechi don’t say that again, it is even the little girls that do the bad things.
Mama Nkechi: Abeg drink your beer and no come dey disturb my girl. (Exit)
Abuchi: But that girl package sha, Tochukwu wetin you talk na?
Ebuka: See as you dey talk like say you no know wetin Tochukwu mean wen he say girl fine.
Tochukwu: Make una no worry, wetin I wan use the girl do no concern una, anything I like I go do with the girl.
Ebuka: Tochukwu make you take am easy o, no let girls kill you abeg.
Tochukwu: if na girl kill me e better say motor jam me. Abeg make we enjoy.

Scene three
Amara stands holding a purse waiting for someone. Tochukwu enters.

Tochukwu: Hello babe
Amara: Hi
Tochukwu: I wonder what a damsel like you would be doing here alone.
Amara: (chuckles) Nothing.
Tochukwu: Are you sure or you are waiting for…
Amara: Maybe.
Tochukwu: Hope you don’t mind if we have a drink while you wait for whoever it is that you are waiting for.
Amara: I really appreciate your but that won’t be necessary for now.
Tochukwu: It is just a drink and nothing more.
Amara: I said I don’t want to, is that too comprehensive for you to understand?
Tochukwu: (makes attempt to hold her hand) come on babe
Amara: (shifts) Hey! Mr. Man is anything wrong with you? You must be out of your senses (hiss and walks away)
Tochukwu: (calls back) hey am sorry.


HOW TO PREPARE GOLDEN PENNY TWIST OR MACARONI Macaroni or twist is not like other food such as rice and beans that you can cook with any...